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Patrizia Trotta is a Researcher (PhD Ed.) and Writer, an Educator, an Astrologer and an Intuitive Consultant.

Her Three-Level Archetypal Astrology Readings

(using Tropical, Draconic and Galactic Astrology):

Offer Information on one’s “Soul Plan” and

Provide Practical Guidance

Readings are always useful, but they are particularly beneficial for

The New Galactic Citizen-

Homo Galacticus

My Astrology Work helps anybody get in touch with their inner guidance, especially people who have been feeling different from the norm, the so-called “Starseeds”, find a reason to embrace life on Earth with much more joy and groundedness.

What could be more healing and liberating than to learn that it is OK to feel a Galactic Citizen, a Homo Galacticus, cosmically and psychologically connected to other stars and galaxies, for those who hear a different music?

Here are my three most popular Consultation Types to choose from (more details about myself and other types of consultations on my other website HERE).

Please get in touch before booking to make sure you are choosing what best meets your needs (you may need a less expensive type of consultation, after all!).

I can be reached at:

PLEASE NOTE: Accurate Time, Place and Date of Birth will be necessary for the following three types of consultations

Consultations are available in ENGLISH AND ITALIAN

CONSULTATION 4 – Written, Complete Report –

THIS IS A WRITTEN SOUL READING, A CONDENSED, BUT EFFECTIVE VERSION OF A GALACTIC, DRACONIC AND ARCHETYPAL SESSION – It includes information on future tendencies (by discussing upcoming transits and progressions), too.

This reading is excellent value for money!


(but please write to me before sending payment. Thank you!)

CONSULTATION 5 – Tropical and Draconic Astrology (via Skype/Zoom/Facetime)

This 1.5-hour long consultation is wonderful to get a clearer picture as to what the soul had in mind when incarnating, to find out what one’s urges and unconscious drives aim to achieve and what makes one tick and why, plus how one’s strong points can be used to balance the weaker aspects of one’s personality. Thanks to what transits and progressions reveal, one can also find out where the wind is blowing, hence future tendencies – NOT predictions.

Galactic connections graphic included, but not discussed (for that, please see consultation 6). Consultations available via Skype, Zoom or Facetime


(but please write to me before sending payment. Thank you!)

CONSULTATION 6 – Tropical, Draconic and Galactic Astrology (via Skype/Zoom/Facetime)

This 2-hour-long consultation requires many hours of preparation, before a 2-hour-consultation follows via Skype/Zoom or Facetime. Recording the session is very important, as every time one listens to the reading, several previously unnoticed layers seem to emerge, only to reveal great depth of analysis of one’s psyche, archetypal influences and galactic heritage. What emerges from this consultation is a rather full picture of one’s psyche – during the Consultation, psychological, draconic and galactic astrologies are merged with the reader’s intuitive skills, psychological background and experience, and all together offer a lot of practically useful information, not only for one’s everyday life, but for one’s cosmic and spiritual dimensions, too.

Galactic connections Graphic, Transits and Progressions to glean future tendencies (not predictions) are included and discussed.


(but please write to me before sending payment. Thank you!)


Here are some testimonials in English written by recent clients from all over the world:

Patrizia Trotta is the Real Deal!!!  

I am currently a student in the Galactic Astrology Soul Readers Practitioners Course whereas Patrizia is a graduate of this course.  While I was reviewing numerous class Q&A videos with inputs from Patrizia, I was struck at how she was using not only her Galactic Astrology skillset but the added knowledge/experience with Draconic Astrology that drew me to having a recent session with Patrizia.  

Needless to say, Patrizia’s reading of both my Galactic and Draconic Astrology Charts was phenomenal and I mean PHENOMENAL.  I learned many things about myself ( past, present and future) that will enable me to clear out past karma/trauma , grow spiritually and become the best balanced me that I can be; resulting in me being a better, more discerning human.   

I highly recommend a session with Patrizia for those that want to go deep and learn to swim/navigate in the cosmic waters of knowledge/experience/wisdom. 1000%.

Blessings, David

D. K., USA (Type 4 Consultation)

I did Patrizia’s type 4 report and I have to start by saying her report took me to another world which was back to my soul.    As soon as I started to read her report it felt like an activation to me on a soul level.  I had goosebumps as I read about my soul and who I am at my core.   It is an incredible gift for someone to be able to see the true essence of your soul and have an understanding of who you truly are.  To be able to be seen in such a way is very comforting.  I am truly blown away by the knowledge that was shared in my reading.  What I loved most was how she was able to provide me with practical guidance and advice to assist me on my soul’s journey.  

The whole report was so clear and thorough.  She is a gifted writer and was able to clearly identify the challenges and lessons my soul is undergoing in this life, as well as highlight my gifts and talents, so I can continue to learn, grow and develop them. Everything Patrizia stated in my chart was accurate.  Even down to the current changes I’m currently undergoing.  She was able to explain what was happening astrologically, which helped me to gain a deeper acceptance around these changes.  I am currently undergoing such a massive shift in my life, so to be able to be provided with this very spiritual but also very grounded report has helped me immensely to regain my power back.  These are all things that are so important for us to have a deeper awareness and understanding as we walk the path back to ourselves. 

For anyone who’s looking to deepen their relationship with themselves I highly recommend booking your astrological reading with Patrizia.   For me this report is priceless and has helped me beyond measure.  I will refer back to this report in years to come.  No matter where you happen to be along your soul’s journey, Patrizia’s report will be an amazing guide. Her love for this work and wisdom is felt and shown.  I am grateful for the wonderful experience.  Thank you, Thank you, Thank you Patrizia!   

D.C., United States (Type 4 Consultation)

I had a Type 6 (FULL) consultation with Patrizia and it was fantastic. Her knowledge, existential experience and intuitive ability allows us to receive a deep, magical and also practical insight into our psychological, spiritual and galactic profile. Her oral and written communication skills make everything clear and objective, giving us guidelines of both our potentials and the challenges to be taken into account – in short, she gives us a comprehensive Map of our deep Nature, which makes it easier for us to embrace and manifest our purpose with more clarity and consistency. Finally, it also includes a study of the trends of the near future, which greatly assists us in making choices aligned with our Essence.

I particularly admire the evolution of both astrological and intuitive languages nowadays, and Patrizia crafts a structured and inspired bridge between our Human nature, our Spiritual purpose and our Cosmic history. Very good, I highly, deeply recommend.

Anamar, Portugal (Type 6 Consultation)

Patrizia, wow, what an amazing event your reading was. Event, yes more than just a conversation, I felt I was being celebrated with your dynamic style. If I had any questions about who I was and where I was headed, they were all answered one by one in a way that felt scripted, Patrizia, it was your perception that is worth celebrating.

I really loved how you asked me questions, which you already knew the answers to, with such a loving grace. I was enthralled by the use of draconic and traditional astrology to confirm your amazing insight. But the galactic astrology topped it off until I was pretty much speechless. Thank you so much, I was glad I saw you online, your no nonsense presentation has given me direction and with your future tendencies I feel I can navigate my way to grounding my soul expression with your guidance. Wow just fantastic I certainly will tell others. Thank you again. 

M. R., Australia (Type 6 Consultation)

A 1000 times thank you, Patrizia. Reading your words about my chart, it feels as if a very wise, knowing soul is sitting in front of me, who addresses essential issues of my life in such a heartfelt, clear and encouraging way.

I simply feel seen: I find a strong and needed confirmation through your reading even though you did not know anything about my person. Your reading not only gives me strenght and confidence concerning a big, difficult decision I recently took. It on a deeper layer also helps me to find beautiful guidance to finetune, embrace and focus on important qualities within myself.

Your report certainly is not just for now and I will surely take sentences from it as my very personal affirmations. I am deeply moved also by several fundamental things your obviously very experienced and trained eye coherently pointed out, which I did not pay attention to before – even though I have been very much in love with astrology for over a decade – great!!

I feel all the love and devotion that flows into your work and your words and I can only say: thank you from the bottom of my heart.

L.S., Germany (Type 4 Consultation)

Wow! Your Galactic Astrology Reading is in another league altogether. You blew me away. It’s so totally put into perspective what I’ve been spending my life on. Although, going through life just feels like putting one foot in front of the other, seeing it from a Galactic astrology perspective let me see that I was on track all along, and maybe some master plan was working itself out.

It now feels as if everything has changed. As Wayne Dyer famously said, “when you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change”. That feels very true, and now that I see I’m on point with what I’m doing, it’s given me the confidence to be bolder about doing it. Thank you Patrizia, you really are a a very bright Star!

Valerie Smith, UK (Type 4 Consultation)

I am happy I chose Patrizia for my astrology chart interpretation, as I was seeking specific answers about my career. I chose her because of her direct and take-action (proactive) approach to life.

Her words are direct and sincere, but delivered in a very gentle manner. She really touched my heart and I have read the report many times since I first got it. It helps me with grounding, as well as intuition.

If you feel lost and need direction (and are willing to take action!), then Patrizia is the right choice for you.

M. H. , Slovenia (Type 4 Consultation)


The readings I provide are for guidance only.  What you decide to do with the information, including any actions that you take, is your own personal responsibility and choice.  All readings and questions answered should at no time be regarded as legal, medical, financial, psychological, or business fact and are subject to your own interpretation and judgement.  For legal reasons, I have to advise you that the readings are for entertainment purposes only.  My services are not a substitute for professional services and it is advised that you should seek advice from the relevant qualified expert.







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